Closurematic for Mining Companies

Closurematic offers you a unique possibility to enhance your mine closure management. You can use it at any stage of your mining operation for internal closure management or for drafting official Closure Management Plans required by authorities in your region. There are only three things to do:

  1. Request a personal software demonstration with one of our experts
  2. Set customization requirements for your company and purpose
  3. Define IT and installation requirements

Closurematic can be provided as a service or installed at your premises on windows servers.

Interested? Then start with Step 1.

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Additional Services for Mining Companies

Closurematic is based on the deeply rooted experience of GTK, BRGM, DMT and M-Solutions in the mining industry. If you are facing specific challenges at your mine site related to water management, geotechnical studies, monitoring, waste management or any other topic related to mine closure and life of mine management, you can be sure to find a competent partner to find a solution. Visit the Closurematic Partner’s Websites to find out more. Or contact them directly: