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CLOSUREMATIC is an advanced digital planning and management tool for continuous mine closure. It is safe and easy to use and based on an up to date body of knowledge.

• We aim to eliminate typical problems in mine closure management such as loss of continuity upon changes in management and ownership, difficulties in cost estimation and tracking, loss of closure-related data, poor coordination of closure actions, operations that compromise the goals of closure, inadequate consultation etc. These are things that may increase costs, slow down reduction of liabilities during the operation, and hamper attainment of the social license to operate.

• The use of CLOSUREMATIC reduces the closure related environmental and social risks. The guidance section (is one of CLOSUREMATICs unique features) helps the operator to focus the actions to sectors that they are most effective and needed.

• We aim to add value to our clients by raising the procedure of closure planning way above the current industry standards with simpler and faster procedures and having continuity in the long term closure data management.

• We create something new that can be used as a tool for proving responsibility of closure related actions of the company to stakeholders. We have special tools/add-on’s planned for managing the closure related actions and useful links to a knowledge base to help with the planning phase. Due to the precise description of the closure process, the CLOSUREMATIC is going to be the most accurate tool in the market to estimate the costs of closure. This information can be used in determination of the financial closure related liabilities in the permitting process and also lowering the liabilities through development of a more developed and detailed closure plan.

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