The main aim of WP5 is to ensure smooth adoption of the Closurematic system by mining operations, their consultants, and authorities.
WP 5 consists of four tasks. The first two tasks will review in detail the existing processes towards mine closure at a) the mining sites and b) the regulatory authorities. The tasks will be performed at the onset of the project in order to implement the results into WP4. The currently available task partner representing mining companies is Hannukainen Mining Ltd .

The assessment of existing processes at the mining companies will focus on the processes and not on actual contents of existing CMPs. For this, the views of the end users are taken into account to make suggestions about the design of the system for best integration. In the second task the currently existing practices with respect to closure management from the viewpoint of regulatory institutions will be assessed. The focus here will be to visualize when and how the regulatory institutions contribute towards mine closure.

For this task publically documented steps towards mine closure will be collected and presented as case studies. The WP partners GTK and BRGM will contribute by providing relevant material from Finland and France, respectively. In the third task DMT will also contact various mining companies who could potentially have an interest in the Closurematic tool. The procedure of contacting the mining companies as well as their responses (positive and negative) will be documented in a defined report. The results can also be used to update WP0. In the final task DMT will integrate the system to the partner test site in Finland.