The final product of the project will be the Closurematic software. This software will be used by mining company to manage their Closure Management Plans. It will correspond to an integrative software (desktop application) allowing the incorporation of the internal (and full) Closure Management Plan of the mine using templates and guidance dependent on the context of the mine. The software will propose to manage all the documents related to the CMP at a single place in a logically organized manner. It will also propose checklists based on the guidance to help the company in the creation of its CMP. At every moment of the life of the mining project, the Closurematic software will allow the company to publish versions of the CMP (1st conceptual CMP for mining permit, 1st full administrative CMP for environmental permit, updated administrative CMP for authorities, final administrative CMP for permit to close…) as well as indicators (internal or public).

The templates and guidance available in the Closurematic software will be extendable and updatable easily, allowing each project participants to provide expertise to adapt the product to the wishes of a customer.

The Closurematic software will include the possibility to be extended by the addition of tools/plugins. These plugins will allow the software to always answer the needs of customers and will permit the continuous improvement of the software after the end of the project by on-demand expertise from the project participants.

The task of WP4 will be to translate the scope, contents and functionalities of the system defined by WP2 to specifications and the feedback from
WP5 with the analysis of current systems at mines. These specifications will be then used to create the architecture and the design of the software. Once this step will be done, the development of the software will begin with regular test phases to ensure the software works as planned and answer the requirements defined by WP2. As soon as the software will be finished and successfully tested, the industrialization phase will begin and the product will be brought to a (near) commercial form. Finally, to ensure the future of the software, plan for the maintenance and updates of the application will be developed.