Hitura mine southern tailings pond vegetated. Photo: Tommi Kauppila, GTK
WHC Zollverein 4. Photo: Norbert Benecke, DMT
Tailings rehabilitation. Photo: Bellenfant, BRGM, France
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Continuous Mine Closure is a complex management challenge

Due to its many benefits, continuous mine closure is the industry standard for best closure outcomes. However, it is a long and constantly evolving process that requires careful management from the early stages of the project to the post closure period. The Closurematic tool helps in managing this complex but crucial task of continuous mine closure. Continuous closure and reduction of unknowns and liabilities means constant accumulation of data. A traditional Closure Management Plan on paper is no longer enough to manage all this complexity.

Tools and information available when you need them

The Closurematic system provides the user guidance and templates for individual closure tasks. These can be used to construct CMPs ranging from the early phase conceptual level plans through care and maintenance plans all the way to the final closure plans and post closure monitoring plans.

The user is in full command of the contents that can be tailored for each individual project. The whole system is designed to provide a wealth of support while remaining flexible and accommodating the wide variability between mining projects and their settings.

More than your conventional Closure Management Plan

The Closurematic tool replaces the conventional closure management plan (CMP) with an easy to use and non-intrusive ‘enhanced CMP’ system that includes templates and guidance for all planning phases.

  • Templates for administrative documents
  • Context-sensitive on-line technical information
  • Selected tools for individual closure tasks
  • Enhancements for communicating the closure process with both external and internal stakeholders
  • Tools for tracking the financial liabilities related to closure
  • Tools to track and monitor progress in the closure process.